I am

This is where I am supposed to write a few notes about myself, but how do you write about yourself when you don’t really know who you are.

It is important to identify myself because it so significantly affects my viewpoints and exposes what might be my blind spots. So below I’ve included two sets of adjectives. The first set of adjectives are how I would describe myself today. The second set of adjectives are how I hope to be able to describe myself in 5 years.

Today I am:

Idoma. African. Nigerian. Woman. Cisgender. Heterosexual. Single. Hopeless Romantic. Capricorn. ISTJ. Learner. Achiever. Strategic. Analytical. Doctoral Student. Vulnerable. Tired. Grateful. Funny. Friendly. Anxious. Curious. Scared.


In 5 years, I am?

Idoma. African. Nigerian. Woman. Married. Capricorn. Learner. Achiever. Professor. Less vulnerable. Full. Proud. Sure. Settled. But still… Vulnerable. Tired. Grateful. Funny. Friendly. Curious. Less scared. More fearless.