Hyphenated, the Podcast

Hyphenated, the Podcast is a show about cultural identity. Through conversations, reflections and more formal interviews (and with lots of laughter) the show explores how Canadians identify, and how those identities are determined. This show is meant to be a mix of education, comedy, and it hopes to include its entire audience in several conversations about how to make sense of being more than one thing at any given time.

Episode 1, I am

“I am” is an episode about Patience Adamu – the host of Hyphenated, the Podcast. It is brief, includes a few teasers about what to expect in the 12 weeks of the first season of the podcast.


Episode 2, #marriagegoals with Zahra and Faiz Visram

This episode is an interview with my friends Zahra and Faiz Visram. The couple has been married for about two years now, and has always been an example to me – they truly inspire me to wait for my very own best friend. The #marriagegoals episode checks in the couple to discuss millennial marriage, cultural expectations (of children primarily), love and culture.


Episode 3, Turkish Coffee

Recap of my 5-day trip to Izmir, and Istanbul, in the great nature of Turkey. It is a bit of a history lesson, but does have some tidbits around racism and the fascination around difference in Turkey. I experienced more than culture shock, I experienced isolation and a significant lack of control.

Episode 4, Cancer, Care and Hair

This episode is an interview with my good friend, big sister and co-worker Nicole Lewis. Nicole was born in Jamaica, but identifies as a Black woman who is Canadian by choice. You’ll hear us discuss her battle with cancer, self-care and hair.

Episode 5, The Richer Sex

This episode is a reflection on the normative nuclear family and the impact that normatively has on women trying to have it all. I’ve included commentary that reflects on my own experience dating Nigerian men, and feel this can start a conversation about what is sustainable when dating in the 21st century.